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Palango! Fitness Affiliates Online Certification

Our online course has been developed through our Face to Face training and contains over 280 original videos from our routines, music, live face to face meeting and practical demonstrations.

Cost is $250.00 plus $25.00 monthly fee.

How we do it?  After registering online you would need to download our Palango! Fitness App.

Videos are optimized for desktop, tablet and mobile devices, so you can view lectures on the go. You don’t always have to be at your desk to study or learn, you can see your videos anytime and anywhere on any device.

Music: Music for every routine is provided using Dropbox. you will need to download the music and save in your device.

Palango! Fitness manual; This manual will be provided as a PDF. Participants can print or keep it as a file on your device.

Live meeting: Meeting can be scheduled with 48 hours anticipation. meetings last 30 minutes each and can be done in different systems such as hang out/ whatsapp or other.

Duration: Training must be completed in 4 weeks. (no exception). then participant must submit a total of 5  audition videos before the end of week 4

As an Affiliate Instructor you must follow our rules and policies of Trademark and copyright so you would have to sign a trademark copyright agreement between you and the Palango! Fitness LLC. No refund at any moment.

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Become a Palango! Fitness Studio Owner

Be the first one to bring Palango! Fitness to your country and start building an amazing business. We offer training and total assistance to build your own Palango! Fitness Business as a representative in your country. You will have total support for our company you would be able to increase your revenue by offering Palango! Fitness train

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Become a Palango! Fitness Rock Star Instructor Now

Palango! Fitness is the most intense and well-rounded workout in the  world and now you can be part of it and be a Palango! Fitness Bad Ass Instructor!

Founded in 2009 in Denver Colorado, Palango! Fitness is Simple Fun & Intense and combines in perfect harmony the best of  Capoeira, Muai Thay, Kick Boxing, Judo, and Sambo  along with Calisthenics and fitness moves with fast paced music from Latin American and the Caribbean.  Palango! Fitness take you to the tempo of a real fight with the feeling of a Caribbean rumba!!

Palango! Fitness is a cardio toning endurance class and instructors get amazing results physically and mentally.

When you become  a Palango! Fitness  Instructor  you will get the following:

1) Palango! Fitness App with over 350 routines available in your smart phone, tablet or smart tv.

2) Palango! Fitness Music 3 to 6 new routines every month

3) Monthly New Routines and Music.  easy to get and use.

4) Manual with instructions

5) Monthly Newsletter featuring new moves, nutrition, fashion and more

6) Palango! T-shirt  with Training and one every year you are with us

7) special videos and extra workouts available to you in your app

Live Training Registration

Our live training registrations are super fun and intense, Everything starts with a Palango! Fitness Master Class of 60 minutes, then you will go to all our first 16 routines that will allow you to start teaching as soon as you learn them. Normally it lasts 8 hours and later you will have to send us a video test showing us you've already got it down.

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Better yet, see us in person!

We love our customers, so feel free to visit during normal business hours.

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